Regional Scenarios

In 2013, we held a series of scenario design charrettes to kick off the development of socioeconomic scenarios for the Northeast region. Through this process, we developed four (4) narratives that we are currently working to develop into detailed scenarios that will be used to drive our modeling scenarios:

  1. Business as Usual
  2. Eco-Conservation
  3. Eco-Innovation
  4. Deregulation

Participants in the scenario design charrettes came from a diverse group of organizations, including:

  • The US Environmental Protection Agency
  • The Union of Concerned Scientists
  • The Regional Plan Association
  • The Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group
  • College of the Atlantic
  • Tufts University
  • Cornell University
  • Columbia University Urban Design Lab
  • Harvard Forest
  • DC Water and Sewer Association
  • Ram Power LLC
  • Greener Prospects LLC
  • Delaware River Basin Commission
  • Potomac River Basin Commission
  • University Transportation Research Center

Join Us as we continue with the scenario development process.


Image: Aquaponics


Image: Pennsylvania coal plant